A Word From Our Patients…

When I heard about Dr. Robert Heath from a coworker at the hospital where I work I knew it would be worth the trip from St. Cloud, MN to get help for my foot problems. My feet were getting almost deformed from many different problems. My surgery was very successful and I travel a lot with my career and have no problems getting through all the airports. I have put many miles on my ‘new’ feet and I will never regret my decision to go to a highly recommended foot surgeon as Dr. Robert Heath.

– Janet C.

When the bones in the top of my feet hurt so bad when I would get up from a chair, I thought I would need a huge surgery to fix whatever was wrong. I felt nearly handicapped without the normal use of my feet at only fifty five. I had heard good things about Dr. Robert Heath and went for a consultation. All I needed was a properly fitted pair of orthotics and I was right back to all my activities. I know other foot doctors would have gone ahead and did extensive surgery, but with Dr. Heath I received the exact fix for my foot problems.

– Ellen G.

After holding out for years with a very painful heel, I finally asked around and found out that most people with good results for foot problems had gone to Dr. Robert Heath in Sioux Falls, SD. The pain when walking was making me feel like a very old man and really making most of the things I like to do a big challenge. Two months later I am totally recovered from my heel spur procedure and not missing out because of foot pain. Kudos to Dr. Robert Heath and if I ever have another foot problem I will drive to Sioux Falls and be happy he doesn’t have his clinic in Florida.

– Jeff V.

I am sooo paranoid about needles and pain but I can tell you the discomfort of my funky toenails finally got me in to see Dr. Heath. I made an appointment for my nails to be surgically fixed. The procedure was fairly simple and now I do what all my friends do – I paint my toenails and get pedicures. This was a bonus I didn’t expect. Thank you Dr. Heath. I’m still a coward, but I am the one with the pretty toenails.

– Stephie S.

Hey folks, you really should got to Dr. Robert Heath if you have any foot problems. He kept in mind my sports and knew I would not be very happy to be laid up for a long time. I walked right out of his clinic with a very short recovery time and a pretty good looking boot that got me a lot of sympathy.

– Tanner H.

I’m fat, and because I’m old too, I thought that terrible foot pain was just going to be part of the game. I think so many of my generation just live with the pain of bunions, hammertoes, broken bones (I had them all). Because like me, they thought it was part of old age or being overweight.

When I had knees replaced, my balance became so bad that I had to do something. Dr. Heath was the answer. Besides the wonderful treatment you receive from Dr. Heath and his staff, you get relief you never thought possible. After a long day at work, now I may hurt everywhere by the time I get home, but never my feet.

I call them my “Happy Feet” – Thanks Dr. Heath!

– Connie

I am 36 yrs old and I’ve had troubles with the balls of my feel since I was a child. As a child, I remember the chiropractor putting a thick pad under the center ball of my foot for support because they couldn’t do anything else about the pain that my bunions created. Once my feet stopped growing the pain subsided until a few years ago. When I would lie down at night my feet would throb. I already knew that I had bunions, but I had been told that the surgery to repair a bunion was very painful and had a lengthy recovery period – that’s when I decided to call Dr. Heath. Dr. Heath was very thorough when I went to see him; he explained the bunion and the process that he uses to repair them by using both the x-ray and the foot model in the office.

I chose to have the surgery the following week by using the local anesthesia versus going completely under anesthesia since this was an option for me. I was shocked when they told me I could walk away from the surgical table with very little help from them. Since my first bunion-ectomy, I’ve gone back to have the bunion on my other foot repaired as well.

Three years after my second bunion-ectomy, I felt a funny snapping feeling between my big toe and my second toe on my right foot. I wanted to make sure that everything was okay so I went back to Dr. Heath for a third time and discovered that I had a very unique bone spur that was catching a tendon and some nerves at very random increments – thus causing the “snapping” feeling. The surgery wasn’t imperative at the time, but I chose to go ahead and do it to repair the spur.

Each one of my three surgeries started with the initial appointment where Dr. Heath puts his repair plan in order, then the surgery itself and three weekly follow up appointments. You wear a boot for three weeks and although your foot may still be a little swollen, you get to wear shoes home after your third follow up appointment – providing everything went as well as is did for me.

Dr. Heath has performed three surgeries on me under local anesthesia and I completely trust him. I have recommended Dr. Heath to family and friends and I know that he will be the one we trust when my teenage daughter has to have her bunions repaired.

– Misty